1. You first need to be a student studying an undergraduate degree program or an HND in Finance, or be studying a business program in which finance is significantly taught. You should be at most twenty-five years at the time of joining the FEQ program. In addition, your institution and program of study should be accredited by the National Accreditation Board.

  2. Create an account. This is a very simple process which takes up to five minutes to complete. If you are ready, click here to create an account.

  3. Once your account is successfully created, you would be notified – through your email provided during the registration – of an open screening window. A window for the screening is normally open for ten business days in a quarter for students who wish to participate in FEQ to take an online screening test. This test comprises sixty multiple choice questions to be completed in thirty minutes. The test can be taken anywhere; on any computer with internet access. Test questions cover all fifteen areas in the FiBoK. Questions are randomly selected, and are unique for each test taker. This means that two different persons taking the test at the same time would be answering different questions. Test can be taken only once in a screening window using an authorization code communicated to the student in an email.

  4. Scores obtained in the test are immediately made available to the test taker on completion of the test or expiration of the thirty minutes. The top thirty scorers are selected for further proctored online test, also for thirty minutes. Participants will usually converge at a center for this second test. The top twelve scorers from these thirty contestants are selected for the quarterly quiz.

  5. A test taker who finds himself or herself in the first thirty, but who is unable to make it to subsequent stages loses the chance to participate in the current year’s FEQ. However, the test taker has one more opportunity to participate in subsequent years. A test taker who has never found himself or herself in the first thirty scorers can attempt the subsequent quarter’s screening test, up to a maximum of two more quarters with different authorisation codes. Thereafter, he or she is not eligible to participate in the FEQ Challenge Program.

  6. The twelve finally selected contestants shall complete a confirmation form, to be partly signed by the Head of Business School of the Institution where the contestant is a student.

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