We have a very simple mission – “to bridge the gap between industry and academia through the provision of practitioner research relevant to the decisions of managers and policy-makers, and to use competitive challenge programs to advocate for studies in Finance as a field of study”

In terms of research, we are concerned about the growing global dissatisfaction about the increasing disconnect between research and real problems of industry. Consequently we attempt a solution by engaging real practitioners in the conduct of our research, and choosing topics with a higher likelihood of connection with industry.

Our challenge programs on the other hand are focused on Finance, and the reason we have chosen Finance-focused challenge programs is tied to a strong belief we hold about business and business decision makers. If all businesses had well-trained, motivated and ethically conscious Finance Professionals assisting them in their daily financial management decisions, many pitfalls could be avoided. At this point, we do not need start a debate on why Finance continues to be the lifeblood of businesses (we are not interested in such debates because it amounts to an attempt to re-establish a known fact). Our ultimate goal is to broaden the perspective of Finance students in Tertiary Institutions and improve their critical thinking skills to be better Managers in business.

Students in Tertiary Institutions eventually end up as decision makers in business, therefore engaging them at the stage of their education immediately before they enter the real world of business helps them in appreciating the business challenges ahead of them, requiring their inputs for solution. Our challenge programs are designed to achieve just this, by encouraging wider reading both within the field of Finance and the broader business environment.